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Space for imagination

An innovative way to live the kitchen and its colors, freedom to imagine and freedom to design: in any way you are, Love can provide you a furnishing project complete and coherent, in harmony with living area.

The eight finishes, perfectly combined with each other, the opportunity to match them with elements lacquered in all shades imaginable, make Love kitchen a perfect synthesis of contemporary living. Absolute trasnversality and infinite design combinations, Love has been tought to leave space for your imagination: you just have to find your own style.

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Urban style

A refined style on which limed own finish, combined with many details in anthracite shades, creates a contemporary and very topical appeal with trendy colors and advanced materials.

  • Base and tall units color limed oak
  • open elements lacquered and embossed color ral 7022
  • worktop laminate color stone brown 545


1.5 LOVE

Anthracite built-in handle, for a practical opening but also with an attention to trends, combined with plinths also anthracite.

1.1 LOVE H


Creative combination

Color combination is substantial for aesthetic impact. Love is designed to furnish with unique style kitchen, which is integrated with the living area in a refined continuity, in a combination of shapes and colors that makes it unique.

  • Base color taupe
  • wall units and tall units color white
  • open elements lacquered and embossed color ral 5012
  • worktop laminate color natural porphyry 3324

LOVE 2.1

2.2 LOVE

Unlimited combinations of sizes and colors characterize this composition of Love collection: taupe bases, white columns and wall units are integrated with colored open elements, creating a unique environment, where the kitchen blends with the living.

2.3 LOVE


Bright elegance

Perfect synthesis of elegance and essentiality, wide spaces redesigned for a sophisticated audience, with clear ideas about lifestyle.

  • Base and tall units color limed oak
  • wall units color white
  • open elements and island element color mink
  • worktop laminate color London grey 0718 fenix

3.2 LOVE

3.6 LOVE

A touch of glamour, anthracite undertop handle, coupled to the same color plinth.



Functional Design

A project that surprises, where clean design of Love kitchen with groove is exaltated with lacquered elements: functionality and aesthetics are valued and make Love a versatile and innovative collection.

  • Base and tall units color walnut
  • wall units color cream
  • open elements lacquered and embossed color ral 5018
  • worktop laminated color stromboli 3379

4.2 LOVE

4.1.1 LOVE


Young solutions

A style for those who live an active life where changes are a constant. Love proposal is full of never dull contamination, is aware of the latest global trends without giving in to excess: the perfect balance between contemporary style and functionality.

  • Base and tall units color limed oak
  • wall units color mink
  • open elements lacquared and embossed color ral 3020
  • worktop laminated color London grey 0718 fenix


Sophisticated harmony

Unique harmony, in the combination of colors, clean lines and shapes: a feeling of light that is never the same and that fascinates. Functional and expanded modularity, in accordance with new living trends, reveal an elegant and sophisticated aesthetics, in a perfect harmonious environment.

  • Base color mink
  • tall units and wall units color white
  • worktop laminated color white 001 rr


Simple and balance

The character of Love kitchen finds balance in a total furniture project, complete and consistent, which provides maximum flexibility of composition. When design blends with simplicity, the result is never expectable with space full of emotions.

  • Base color cherry
  • tall units and wall units cord color
  • worktop laminate color white 001 rr with stainless steel edge



Combined Living Love

In Love project, as in all other Cucinesse collections, kitchen spaces converse with living area, creating multifunctional rooms, perfectly integrated and harmonious. A balance of contrasts in which the size of style allows maximum freedom of composition of the living area, coordinated to the atmosphere and to the shapes of the kitchen.

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