Being family

Teamwork, customer care and flexibility are the values that join us together and different from all other companies. We know that we can solve all situations only together and, as a family, we constantly cooperate with our partners, in Italy and around the world. We create projects that make every day a special day.

40 years of Made in Italy Design.

The story of our company started in 1979 with Sergio Pazzaglia and his dream to create handcrafted kitchens focused on the quality of the product, on the territory and its people.

It was a vision, a journey of love and passion for work.


Do business means be a family.

The idea that in our kitchens and in our livings you can find quality, Italian design, innovation and all the heart of our team, turn into the reality this vocation of “people first”.

Corporate social responsibility means being humans.

The human side of the company is a result of the awareness that our way to do business is shaping the local context in which we belong.

This aspect enhances ourselves especially at company-wise and it has driven us to create a management model to protect health and safety at work.


Honesty, reliability, territory and well-being of employees have always been fundamental values for us.

Sustainability is a daily routine.

Ensuring quality allows us “producers” to guarantee durable products focused to the well-being of those who choose them; acting with optimization objectives allows us to stem waste and carry out virtuous policies with respect to the environment. Like that, we are also protecting the health of the employees.


Local is global.

Belong and work in a non-metropolitan reality means having a closer contact with the territory and the people. Our kitchens are Italian, not only because they are produced in Italy but also because is in their DNA. That is why Cucinesse has been awarded with the certification COSMOB Qualitas Praemium- Italian origin of furniture that officially certifies that the relevant stages of the design processes, production and packaging of the furniture are made in Italy.


In our family quality is a vision.

When we talk about our products we use this adjective precisely because we describe projects that have been able to recognize the values of daily life, , the market needs, which are constantly changing, and the potential of the most current technologies.


A unique style is characterized by distinct harmonic lines.

In our kitchens, flexibility rhymes with possibility.

The concept of flexibility for us is an all-round goal. It refers to the design of our furniture, but also to a way of doing business devoted to the problem solving.


We have endless solutions to make your kitchen and living space unique! Form and content, design and matter, are the key to making every realization personal and durable.

The lacquered project Cucinesse interprets this need for customization taking in consideration  the importance of the strength of the doors always in continuous stress.

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