Being flexible

The concept of flexibility for us is an all-round goal. It refers to the design of our furniture, but also to a way of doing business voted to the problem of solving.

In our kitchens, flexibility rhymes with possibility.

When you are going to buy a new kitchen, the main goal is to make sure that the furniture we like aesthetically is also functional. On the practical side, that dresses our spaces properly, that shapes our functional needs and respects our budget.

We both design and produce, so we must first of all guarantee a flexible system that can meet the different needs of each individual client.

In Cucinesse this concept of satisfaction does not stop at the operational phase, it also extends to all the consulting service during the choice. We are here to create the ideal kitchen, to solve every problem and to study the best solution.

By providing direct and immediate assistance, we ease many critical issues and turn into reality the aim to be close to our partners. When you project your home you realize a dream and it is important to be able to do it by relying on a passionate and reliable team.

The challenge to customize a furniture project is played on these key points:

Mix? All your true colours.

Il laminato abita da sempre le nostre case, garantendo solidità e resistenza nel tempo. Grazie alle nuove tecnologie, il progetto Mix permette di gestire 30 finiture per poter abbinare ante a piani di lavoro: dedicato a chi cerca l’effetto minimal delle composizioni full color.

Over 30 finishes to customize, for real. From wood grain, to stone effects to Fenix technology.

Here there are the main characters of a sartorial project.

We have endless solutions to make your kitchen and living space unique!
Form and content, design and materials are the key to create a personal and durable space to live.

The lacquered project Cucinesse interprets this need for customization taking in consideration  the importance of the strength of the doors always in continuous stress. The lacquering process allows you to have your tailor-made kitchen: on request, availability in all colors RAL, NCS and sample color.

Beautiful in and beautiful out.

A kitchen to live must necessarily be versatile, satisfy the taste of those who furnish and pass the test of functionality of those who use it daily. A model like Dea is ideal to respond to these needs without giving up anything.

The finishes inspired by the tones of nature underline the aesthetic vocation of a kitchen with a highly pragmatic soul that, thanks to its accessories and the modularity of the structures, is perfect for everyday life.

It is a perfect kitchen, it is a Dea.

Customize your home space.

Exclusive solutions to project a unique Cucinesse kitchen and living. We can make your wish come true, every element will reflect your personality.

Keep in mind: our kitchens and living are completely customizable in dimensions, finishing, colors and accessories…


Choose your style!

Trend and tips to dress your kitchen and your living with style and create the customized solution for you.

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