Local is global

In Italy local rhymes with global”: with these words the writer Paolo Volponi, from the Marches, expresses a very important idea for a Brand like ours, proud to be local.

Belong and work in a non-metropolitan reality means having a closer contact with the territory and the people.
This environment is gives energy to develop together a creative and concrete attitude; a vision oriented not only to the productive advantage, but also to the protection of what is in the surrounding, such as the respect for the territory and the valorisation of its inhabitants.

Cucinesse, a company born and developed in the furniture district, has preserved the capability to listen and enhance the human heritage: the handy craft attitude is in our DNA.


Italian heart, world inspiration.

Our kitchens are italian, not only because they are produced in Italy but also because is in their DNA. That is why Cucinesse has been awarded with the certification COSMOB Qualitas Praemium- Italian origin of furniture that officially certifies that the relevant stages of the design processes,  production and packaging of the furniture are made in Italy.

In addition, the quality of the Cucinesse final product is tested in accordance with safety, strength and durability requirements of the rules UNI EN 14749:2016 and UNI 11663:2017.

Quality is a vision.

You can feel the quality of our kitchens and our livings in the detail, in the care that we devote to each step of the processing, in the conception of each project developed around the needs of people.

The quality is something you can feel and touch, but it is also an idea that drives every daily action: it is a value.


Sustainability is a project.

A challenge, a daily routine.

What does it really mean to be sustainable?
Choose every day, many times a day, in the name of respect and care for the environment and people.

Natural materials or from a new generation?
Let’s talk about it.



Corporate social responsibility

The human side of the company is a result of the awareness that our way to do business is shaping the local context in which we belong.

This aspect enhances ourselves especially at company-wise and it has driven us to create a management model to protect health and safety at work.

Social responsibility has always been a priority for us; honesty, reliability, territory and employees have been founding values.

Being humans

Bringing humanity back to the center means enhancing the wealth of collaborators. It means also to shorten the distances with potential customers and understand what the market is aking us: do not forget that who creates kitchens is a person which is also living its own kitchen environment.

Through the contribution of everyone we can always implement new ideas and new solutions: empathy is a powerful engine!

We want to show people who make up our team, because for us it is important to give voice to those who every day strive to make Cucinesse a special company.

Our team at your disposal!


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