Being sustainable

Those who create things have a great responsibility in terms of sustainability, but also those who buy can do their part. Both approaches become differentiating when driven by the same intentions: quality and optimization.

Sustainability is a daily gesture

Ensuring quality allows us “producers” to ensure durable products and attentive to the well-being of those who choose them; acting with optimization objectives allows us to stem waste and carry out virtuous policies with respect to the environment, but also to protect the health of its employees.

On the consumer’s side, choosing brands that implement in their own company policy a virtuous philosophy of this kind, is the first step that you can do to act concretely. Supporting companies that are investing in technological innovation not only with a view to a productive advantage, but also and above all social responsibility is the first “green” act that we can do when creating our new project.

What does it really mean to be sustainable? Choose every day, many times a day, in the name of respect and care for the environment and people.

Sustainable Kitchens

Since 2023 we have obtained the FSC® certification with the aim of contributing to environmental protection and promoting forest management responsibly, to the benefit of the whole community.

Natural materials or from a new generation? Let’s talk about it.

If we think of an ecological material, we think of a natural raw material: it is correct, but only if at zero km, with collection and processing with low environmental impact.

The new generation materials are generally more sustainable because they recover the waste from other productions or are based on recycled/ recyclable materials. One choice or the other makes the difference on every component of the kitchen, from the door to the top.

Pet is not only green, it is also accessible: sustainable, for real!


The transparency matters!

Glass is 100% recyclable countless times.

The choice of glass, in the kitchen furniture, is an excellent sustainable option and a truly quality choice. Beyond the beauty of the doors in this finish, it is very important to emphasize their durability and therefore the possibility to count on a beautiful furniture even in the long term.

Every colour is green

Free to create, without thoughts!

The lacquered doors are the best to customize your kitchen. To meet the aesthetic need with the more sustainable aspect of the production process, all Cucinesse lacquered products are made only with water-based paints that respect the environment by emitting 95% less harmful substances than a normal solvent paint

The lacquered panel, once passed in two furnaces at 50 and 30, acquires excellent chemical-physical resistance. After quality control, a semi-transparent, water-based and therefore environmentally friendly protective film is applied to the door, which protects the door until it is assembled.

Paints and lacquering technologies guarantee an excellent yield in terms of beauty and performance of the support.

Corporate social responsibility

For us it means being humans.

The human side of the company is a result of the awareness that our way to do business is shaping the local context in which we belong.

This aspects enhances ourselves especially at company-wise and it has driven us to create a management model to protect health and safety at work.

Social responsibility has always been a priority for us; honesty, reliability, territory and employees have been founding values.

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