Made in Italy

The certification “COSMOB Qualitas Praemium – Origine italiana del mobile” states that Cucinesse complies with the requirements of the standard UNI 11674. It means that all the consistant phases of the projectation, production and packaging of the furniture are taking place in Italy.

Quality of finished product Cucinesse is also verified in accordance to safety, resistance and durabiity requirements of the standards  UNI EN 1479 e UNI 11663.

Sustainable Kitchens

Since 2023 we have obtained the FSC® certification with the aim of contributing to environmental protection and promoting forest management responsibly, to the benefit of the whole community.

Sustainability is a project

What does it really mean to be sustainable? Choose every day, many times a day, in the name of respect and care for the environment and people.

Ensuring quality allows us to guarantee durable products focused to the well-being of those who choose them; acting with optimization objectives allows us to stem waste and carry out virtuous policies with respect to the environment. Like that, we are also protecting the health of the employees.

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Corporate social responsibility

For us the social responsibility has always been a priority; honesty, reliability, territory and welness have been a must well before that the corporate social resposibility became so crucial.

This aspects enhances especially at company-wise and it has driven us to create a management model to protect health and safety at work. The key points are:

This is a very important commitment today and for the years to come.

Quality is a vision

Cucinesse, a company born and developed in the furniture district, has preserved the capability to listen and enhance the human heritage: the handy craft attitude is in our DNA.

You can feel the quality of our kitchens and our livings in the details, in the care that we devote to each step of the processing, in the conception of each project developed around the needs of people.

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Innovation and flexibility

The innovation is a very important value in Cucinesse.

First of all the digitalization of the processes allowed the production to be always more accurate keeping the care of the artisanal human control.

Second we do have mental innovation which is the capability to be always flexible and ready to respond to every exegences. We are always ready to challenge ourselves in order to reach new goals.

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Being humans

Cucinesse is structured and it is made of people. Beside the technology in Cucinesse what matters is the team that is working in the company. People in Cucinesse made the kitchens and living so unique and special.

Bringing humanity back to the centre means enhancing the wealth of collaborators. It means also to shorten the distances with potential customers and understand what the market is aking us: do not forget that who creates kitchens is a person which is also living its own kitchen environment.

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