Dea22 Kitchen

A look to the everyday life

Dea22 by Cucinesse is the perfect model for all the people that are looking for its own intimacy in the kitchen; a sweet and sensitive look in a space that more then everything else means home.

A thought for all the people who will find peace in their Dea22 kitchen and will live a new home sensation, thanks to Cucinesse.


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Tailored on you

Keep in mind: our kitchens and living are completely customizable in dimensions, finishing, colors and accessories…

Composition 1

Model Dea22 is the heart of the kitchen. It is the main character of a place where people cannot only explore their creativity on cooking but also join spaces of a daily life.

  • Base units: Argilla Dea22
  • Worktop: Hpl Nero Street 6084 th. 1,2 cm
  • Snack table: Smart C007 th. 4 cm
  • Island open elements: C007 Lab
  • Tall units open elements: Nero Street 6084 Mix
  • Handle: Gola Slim Titanio
  • Plinth h8: Titanio

The door thickness of Dea kitchen is 22mm: aesthetic appeal and structural importance give rise to compositions designed for everyday use modeled with unique designs.

To give continuity to the environment, the kitchen and the living are made with matched finishing. The Hpl Nero Street worktop can be matched with laminate open elements in the same finishing.

Composition 2

Dea Kitchen means adaptability, creativity and intimacy for everyone who choose the high quality to live the spaces. That is the reason why Cucinesse guarantees the quality for an high livability of all environments.

  • Base units: Marna Dea22
  • Tall units: C003 Lab
  • Worktop: Quarzo Ardenne th. 2 cm
  • Snack table: Smart C003 th.4 cm
  • Island and tall unit open element: sheet metal black finish
  • Tall unit open element: C003 Lab
  • Handle: slim gola Anthracite
  • Plinth h6: Anthracite

The wood grain C003 creates a compositional connection between snacks worktop, doors and open elements in the same finishing.

The extralarge wall units with full door, easy to organize, are maintaining the linear design without interruptions.

Composition 3

Style, quality and elegance are the main elements in a Dea kitchen. Dea is the perfect model for who wants to change the daily routine with their fantasy enjoying the kitchen and combining durability and design in the daily life.

  • Base units: Argilla Dea22
  • Tall units: Bronzo Dea22
  • Wortkop: Lamicolor 0934 th.2 cm
  • Tall and wall units open element: Aluminium matt Black Ral 9005 with Fumé glass
  • Handle: Gola slim Black
  • Plinth h15: Black

New settings and practical solutions: the oven tall unit on the countertop improves the dynamic in the kitchen.

Accessories of this composition:

  • Stool: Harmony Black
  • Sink: Elleci Quadra 105 Black
  • Tap: Elleci Athena Black

Composition 4

Dea22 is the perfect kitchen for the everyday life. It very versatile and it is suitable to satisfie exigencies always glancing to the design.

  • Base and tall units: Marna Dea22
  • Wall units: Bianco Extra Dea22
  • Worktop: Gres Fossile Grigio Anticato th. 1,2 cm
  • Peninsula: Lamicolor 0796 th.4 cm
  • Handle: Black Handle Dea22
  • Handle: Gola slim for wall units
  • Plinth h15: Anthracite

Extreme versatility of the corner tall units: you can add to the shelves the pull out baskets combis for a better accessibility of all spaces.

The elegant waste bin model Tecco C plus inox with exctractable door and soft closing system. With his greater capacity it satisfies your needs for aesthetic and comfort.

Accessories of this composition:

  • Glass basement for snack table
  • Stool: Harmony Anthracite
  • Iron Boiserie: Silver Dark Finishing with accessories

Composition 5

‘Home’ means intimacy and daily life. Cucinesse includes both characteristics in the new Dea model. The personality and the quality of the kitchens are in a perfect harmony with the everyday life.

  • Base and tall units: Perla Dea
  • Worktop FB45 th.2 cm
  • Island counter: Fenix 0718 th.4 cm
  • Handle: Gola slim Black and Vertical Profilo “C” Black
  • Plinth h15: Black

Versatility of the model Dea22: full door with handle profile “C” and internal baskets, for those who love clean lines without renouncing to the functionality.

Accessories of this composition:

  • Schienale: Magnetolab Bianco Opaco
  • Iron Boiserie: Silver Dark Finishing with accessories
  • Black Aluminium rolling shutters

Composition 6

Cucinesse, thanks to Dea22 model, wants to take part to the daily life of our customers who are using the kitchen as an explorative and private space. It is a functional kitchen without renouncing to elegance and style.

  • Base, tall and wall units: Bronzo Dea
  • Handle: Profilo “C” Black and Gola slim for wall units
  • Wortop: Quartz Nube th.2 cm with integrated sink
  • Plinth: Black h12 cm

The iron element laying on the worktop with backsplash Perla Dea. A design element that creates useful spaces in your kitchen.

The handle profile “C” black creates a gola effect with elegance and sobriety.

Living Dea22

In Dea22 project, as in all other Cucinesse collections, kitchen spaces converse with living area, creating multifunctional rooms, perfectly integrated and harmonious.

A balance of contrasts in which the size of style allows maximum freedom of composition of the living area, coordinated to the atmosphere and to the shapes of the kitchen.

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