Flash Kitchen

Originality made by emotions

Flash project combines elegance and functionality, with a large scale of colors and proposals.

It is very versatile and it is suitable to satisfie exigences always glancing to the design.


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Tailored on you

Keep in mind: our kitchens and living are completely customizable in dimensions, finishing, colors and accessories…

Composition 1

Flash is a contemporary project, designed to suprise with its finishes and to match according to your style.

Modern and elegant lines are combined with functionality: Flash is constantly updating with new finishes, creating new combinations designed for everyday life in the kitchen and beyond.

  • Base and tall units FLASH polymeric essence IL 445 matt, with milled
  • Wall units FLASH polymeric essence HG 175 glossy

Composition 2

Flash overturns the traditional kitchen schemes by choosing creative solutions based on continuous search for materials and finishes, able to recreate natural and elegant atmospheres.

A glamour style for the under top handle for those who do not want to lose the usefulness of the handle, also available in all RAL lacquered colors.

  • Base and tall units FLASH polymeric AL 205 matt
  • Tall and wall units FLASH polymeric AL 105 matt
  • Under top handle

Composition 3

Flash is a modern kitchen with a strong personality perceptible thanks to new materials and technologies.

A project that everyone can love: kitchen and living can be combine in various way to satisfy each desire and lifestyle of the costumers.

  • Base and tall units FLASH polymeric essence HG 105 glossy
  • Wall units polymeric essence HG 110 glossy
  • Flash handle

Composition 4

The simple lines create open spaces without any physical limit.

The space is the protagonist: aesthetic and functionality are mixing and are creating a natural conviviality.

  • Base and tall units FLASH slatted door polymeric HG 45 glossy
  • Wall units FLASH slatted door polymeric HG 75 glossy
  • Opening with Gola slim

Living Flash

In Flash project, as in all other Cucinesse collections, kitchen spaces converse with living area, creating multifunctional rooms, perfectly integrated and harmonious.

A balance of contrasts in which the size of style allows maximum freedom of composition of the living area, coordinated to the atmosphere and to the shapes of the kitchen.

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