Harmony kitchen

Elegance and timeless charm

Harmony is designed for those who love versatility and an elegance that binds the present to the past.
Creative solutions focused on materials and finishes: the ashwood door th. 24 mm is available in white, champagne, magnolia, light grey and dark grey finishes with handle obrained from rail.


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Tailored on you

Keep in mind: our kitchens and living are completely customizable in dimensions, finishing, colors and accessories…

Composition 1

Dedicated to those who love soberness, elegance and to whom doesn’t want to give up on a contemporary yet timeless elegance.

Harmony redefinies the traditional kitchen schemes choosing creative solutions based on a continuous and on-going research of materials and finishes, capable of recreating natural atmospheres, for an environment which unifies the kitchen and the living area through unexpected, distinctive and customizable architectures.

The kitchen Harmony widens its house-hold operating functions, combining them to those of the living area: unique and distinctive open storage elements pave the way for endless compositional possibilities which allow and favour the integration of functionality with your own life-style.

A progressive widening of the arrangement-perspectives which blend into the living room, through solutions which definitely cut down the boundaries between the kitchen and the living room, integrating the one with the other in compositions articulated in a very fluid and extremely functional way.

  • Base and tall units HARMONY grigio light
  • Wall units KREA lava
  • Open elements lacquered RAL 7036 matt

Composition 2

Harmony interprets with easiness the contemporary kitchen environment and allows you to arrange it with a very alluring and lively taste.

The metropolitan version expresses at its best its clean, sharp and easy soul, with an innovative look in which the spaces free themselves from every limit, becoming open, so that the kitchen has no more boundaries, also in the imaginary of who intensely lives in it, day by bay.

The doors with integrated handle in the frame show a new style in the kitchen that knows how to not be unnoticed; Harmony’s versatility and capability of perfectly matching to both the open elements as well as those in wood essence, and also to the glassed pantries, make it unique in its kind.

New solutions dedicated to the kitchen environment, in which the wooden essences match fearlessly with each other, creating a unique and original environment, suitable to those who choose to customize their own space at a maximum level.

  • Base and tall units HARMONY grigio dark
  • Tall units with fumé glass with black profile
  • Open elements lacquered RAL 5001 matt
  • Boiserie KREA terra

Composition 3

Harmony is a project dedicated to whom looks in a new way, definitely not nostalgic, to the shapes used in the most recent past, which reinterprets in a very design-oriented way the framed door, matching it with the smooth door and alternating it to the open elements, enhancing a wider conception of kitchen furnishing which gradually blends into the the living area.

Hamony is a trendy and lively kitchen which, through materials and innovative technologies, expresses its polyhedric personality characterized by increasingly innovative features. It is a functional and very fresh model, in which the doors and the open storage elements, in different sizes and finishes, revolutionize the traditionally usual sequence in which all the modular elements are the same.

Harmony represents a very enjoyable way of living in the kitchen with ease, without renouncing to a captivating and distinctive aesthetics. It is made up of pieces fit together like a puzzle, responding with easiness and liveliness to the modern living needs.

  • Base and tall units HARMONY bianco
  • Wall units MIKA lacquered ral 7043 matt
  • Open elements lacquered RAL 1012 matt

Living Harmony

In Harmony project, as in all other Cucinesse collections, kitchen spaces converse with living area, creating multifunctional rooms, perfectly integrated and harmonious.

A balance of contrasts in which the size of style allows maximum freedom of composition of the living area, coordinated to the atmosphere and to the shapes of the kitchen.

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