Harmony Shabby kitchen

Romantic atmosphere

A comfortable environment, relaxing and full of atmosphere: Harmony reveals both tradition and hand-crafted culture, shaped and adapted over time through innovation and research; it allows for a serene equilibrium given by refined solutions, capable of perfectly be in harmony with your daily pace.

Harmony’s shabby style enhances elegance, delicateness, serenity, contemporaneity and a “memory” which knows how to preserve itself adapting to today’s life needs, at the same time.


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Tailored on you

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Composition 1

The kitchen is the home-place where you can easily find harmony, where the past raises, getting almost sublimated and where old memories come to mind.

Harmony represents the essence of this environment: its comfortable and reassuring atmosphere, emphasized by its elegant shapes, stimulates intense emotions, making the kitchen the perfect meeting point for conviviality.

Harmony’s details collect the old memories in an harmonious environment, representing the right compromise between poetry and memory, functionality and a taste for classic, between the comfort given by its shapes  and the reliability of its materials.

  • Base, wall and tall units HARMONY Champagne
  • Grid-front and satin-glassed baskets