Lab Kitchen

Elegant design

Project LAB makes the kitchen the leading star. Materials, volumes and shapes are thought to create ambiences where functionality and design are essential.

Seven wooden finishes, three colours stone effect and other three cement effects: some of them are also available with the 30°cut door. It is a project composed by perfectly matching colours and finishes for infinite solutions of kitchen and living design.

The new modularity of the base units H 80 enhances the functionality of the spaces increasing the capacity maintaining anyway a high aesthetic crashing stylistic taste.


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Tailored on you

Keep in mind: our kitchens and living are completely customizable in dimensions, finishing, colors and accessories…

Composition 1

Lab is renovating in the finishes. Technology, research, innovative materials to create a new paradigm of beauty the commitment to work on consolidated products to convert them and adapt them, with a progressive process, to the parameters of sustainability.

  • Base units stone finish LAB FC36
  • Wall units wood essence LAB C007
  • Worktop 0718 Fenix

Composition 2

Woods, stones, textures, wallpaper mix to give life to visual cues. We start from the research to present solutions that tell the past in a new contemporary vision: elegant environments where the  minimal approach finds its point of balance with elements that recall the theme of nature.

  • Base units wood essence LAB C005
  • Wall units RAL7033
  • Tall units stone effect LAB FC37
  • Worktop CLIMB 1455

Composition 3

Wooden essences interpreted in terms of a contemporary context for a non conventional style telling about appealing tactile and visual sensations.

  • Base units and tall units Lab wood essence S122
  • Boiserie with shelves th.22 mm S122 and dark grey U6299 backsplash
  • Island countertop FB02 th.20 mm and snack Stromboli 3349 th. 40 mm
  • Anthracite plinth h.6 cm and anthracite flat groove

The kitchen focuses on a wide and functional central island perfectly in step with the ambience.

The new modularity of the maxi base units H 80 cm with plinth H 6 cm and possible groove H 3 cm increases of about 20% the capacity of the base unit, enhancing also the functionality thanks to the double internal shelf.

The management of the internal spaces is essential for the harmony and tidiness of the kitchen: new technologies and forefront mechanisms guarantee maximum functionality thanks to the totally pull out tall units with soft closing system.

Composition 4

A project structured to be suited to different kind of requests to create exclusive ambiences for a new concept of living. Kitchen is making it self one sole thing with the living preserving harmony and functionality.

  • Base units LAB30 cement FB 50 with top FB50 th. 40 mm
  • White plinth h 6 cm and white flat groove RAL 9003
  • Tall units and library LAB dark grey U6299
  • Anthracite plinth h 6 cm and anthracite flat groove

The 30° cut of the door gives to the kitchen an elegant and stylish equilibrium. The combination with the library allows the creation of infinite matches of colors and volumes.

A real Laboratory of ideas, projected for those who dare to imagine and match different kind of ambiences in a perfect synergy: the kitchen is always the focus enhanced as a matter of course from the furniture.

Composition 5

Metropolitan Mood and recall to the natural world for a kitchen that becomes a ground for meetings and source of inspiration.

  • Base units, tall units and island LAB white U6385
  • Worktop FB50 SP. 20 mm
  • Withe plinth h 6 cm and white RAL 9003 flat groove
  • Wall unit and boiserie LAB wood essence S121

The magic of simple things of the every day life are enhanced when aesthetical and stylistic clean lines are the main trait.

Extreme versatility of the corner tall units: beside the shelves it is possible to add pull out baskets for a better accessibility. Here we put four mechanisms “Unico”in the white version with chrome profiles.

Details are essentials even when hidden: baskets, drawers, internal drawers are perfect to contain and organize cutlery, dishes and tools. Everything at its own place.

Minimal style also makes great solutions possible: two maxi wall units without handles easy to open and to organize where hood, dish drainer and wall units are the one and only design element.

  • Base, wall units, boiserie and island LAB wood essence S121
  • Top FB50 th. 2 cm
  • Tall units LAB 30 white U6385
  • Aluminium plinth 6 cm and chrome flat groove

Composition 6

A harmonic contrast of finishes and colours: kitchen model LAB allows to create your own space without limit to the imagination, thanks to the infinite possible combinations for a great aesthetical result.

  • Base units h 80 LAB30 cement FB02 and worktop th. 2 cm FB02
  • Tall units LAB dark grey U6299
  • Anthracite plinth h 6 cm and anthracite flat groove
  • Living with glass wall units with glass tempered fumé and profile 139 black
  • Open elements and snack worktop th. 4 cm Krea lava

Harmonic combinations: the internal part of the corner base units can be equipped with functional and design extractable systems. The mechanism “Unico” in the version anthracite as the colour of the structure.

Organize the internal spaces in the tall units has never been so easy: the pull out mechanism with 180°hinges allows to use all the space available. In this picture it is anthracite with anthracite profile as the structure.

Living Lab

In Lab project, as in all other Cucinesse collections, kitchen spaces converse with living area, creating multifunctional rooms, perfectly integrated and harmonious.

A balance of contrasts in which the size of style allows maximum freedom of composition of the living area, coordinated to the atmosphere and to the shapes of the kitchen.

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