Light On Design

Illuminated Kitchen

An unique project,it’s  an invite to make a journey contestualizing the compositions Lab, Lab 30, Evolve in situations with a different flavor, where the craftsmanship and the industrial know-how are the skills that, toghether, allow you to create projects with a strong personality.

The perception of the environments and people who live the everyday, is changing in function of sun ray, in the dialogue between finishes and light sources.


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Tailored on you

Keep in mind: our kitchens and living are completely customizable in dimensions, finishing, colors and accessories…

Composition 1

A refined style and attention to details make the space intimate, where the material is the protagonist.

  • Base units: Evolve MT010 bronze
  • Tall units: Lab Cannetté LR29 with handle codronata black
  • Tall units glass: wood finish LR29 and door Glass Profilo 103 black with glass bronze 0161
  • Top: Gres antracite th. 1,2 cm
  • Snack Top: Cannetté LR29 th. 4 cm

Functionality of the 5 inner basket cabinet and the elegance of the micro 6 light.

The vertical codronata handle design is offering a comfortable opening.

Snack top door finish with bronzed glass marching the columns make a sophisticated and welcoming environment.

Composition 2

New modularities are designed to create a new interpretation of the space thanks to a modern style that gives value to every detail.

  • Base units: Lab C003/Evolve FD010
  • Top: quartz bianco Zeus th. 2 cm
  • Wall units: Evolve FD010, open element: Lab C003 h 36
  • Tall units: Evolve FD010
  • Pantry: Lab C003

A new management of the spaces thanks to a modern style that gives value to every detail.

Open elements take a new shape to re-think the concept of depht.

The pantry room is dressed with new ideas to live with originality your daily life.

Composition 3

The contrast between the wood, the concrete effect and solid colors expresses a new interpretation of the taste.

  • Base units: Lab30 FB51
  • Top: laminate FB51 th. 2 cm
  • Wall units: Evolve CT200/Lab Cannettè LS47
  • Tall units: Evolve CT200
  • Open element: aluminium finish matt black RAL 9005 with fumé glass
  • Accessories: Magnetolab splashback with led lightening sabbia RAL 7038 glossy

Play with the three-dimensionality opens a new scenary on the concept of linearity.

The innovative design of the 30° cut door is joined to the functionality of the maxi base unit with double internal shelf and aluminium profile.

Composition 4

The beauty of linees clean and elegant: creative spaces give life at compositions that express a modern and glamorous appeal.

  • Base units: Evolve P24/PR15
  • Tall units: Evolve P24
  • Top: Fenix 0720 th. 2 cm
  • Backsplash: boiserie metal sheet Grey Stone
  • Accessories: boiserie metal sheet Silver Dark

Organisation without renouncing to the aesthetics: cabinets with storage baskets for the optimization of the space.

Floor dors with internal tie-rod that reveal the idden space of the open element.

Corner column with removable mechanism for a daily comfort.

Composition 5

The monolithe pays costant attention to the fashion, always giving a great importance to the functionality: its modularity and interior details emphasizes its adaptability for greater comfort of use.

  • Base units: Lab FC37
  • Top: laminate FC37 th. 2 cm
  • Tall units: Lab C007 with handle profilo C black
  • Bookshelf: cylindrical alluminium wall mounted finish black with shelf Lab FC37

The novelty of the folding door allows to manage all the spaces.

The modularity of the internal structures makes the column versatile for every need of use.

The detail of the door of the dishwasher, with an intermediate gola designed to give continuity to projects where the lines are the main character.

Composition 6

An open space designed to join the kitchen to all the other spaces.

  • Base and wall units: Evolve PR05
  • Top: Dekton Trillum th. 2 cm
  • Snack Top: wood finish C005 th. 4 cm
  • Tall units: Lab C005
  • Table: Diapason black frame and top Fenix 0720 black

A wide snack worktop supported by the charming bronze glass support.

A new interpretation of the sink area. The personality is expressed by an alternative and unique style.

Living Light On Design

In Lab, Lab30, Evolve project, kitchen spaces converse with living area.

A new concept of living: sharing spaces to find yourself in a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

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