Living Dea22

A glance to everyday life

Living Dea22 is turning the attention to the everyday life of who lives the kitchen as a space of intimacy and sharing.


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Tailored on you

Keep in mind: our kitchens and living are completely customizable in dimensions, finishing, colors and accessories…

Composition 1

Cucinesse, thanks to Living Dea22, wants to take part to the daily life of our customers who are using the living room as an explorative and private space.

  • Base units Bronzo Dea22
  • Wall units Bronzo Dea22/Perla Dea22
  • Worktop Bronzo Dea22
  • Opening system: Push pull
  • Open Elements h35/70: sheet metal matt Black Ral 9005

Composition 2

Living Dea22 is the main character of a place where people cannot only explore their creativity but also join spaces of a daily life.

  • Base units Argilla Dea22
  • Worktop Hpl Nero Street 6084 th. 1,2 cm
  • Base units Glass profile 103 Titanio with glass Bronzo Stopsol 0162

Composition 3

Living Dea22 means adaptability, creativity and intimacy for everyone who choose the high quality to live the spaces.

  • Base units: Perla Dea22
  • Wall units Glass profile 103 tempered glass finish Dark Grey
  • Worktop: Perla Dea22
  • Handle: Push pull
  • Shelf and Backsplash: Lamicolor 0778
  • Open element h105: Sheet metal matt Black Ral 9005
  • Open element h35: Aluminium matt Black Ral 9005 with Fumé glass

Dea22 Kitchen

Style, quality and elegance are the main elements in a Dea22 kitchen. Dea22 is the perfect model for who wants to change the daily routine with their fantasy enjoying the kitchen and combining durability and design in the daily life.

The personality and the quality of the kitchens are in a perfect harmony with the everyday life.

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