Living Evolve

Evolution of space

Evolve Living embraces new trends: the compositions are dynamic and modern, and the realization of open spaces represents an enormous chance to customize our home.

Wooden finishes available in different shades and PET matt or glossy finishes give us lots of possible customizations creating a noticeable scenic impact.


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Tailored on you

Keep in mind: our kitchens and living are completely customizable in dimensions, finishing, colors and accessories…

Composition 1

Through the Living ‘Evolve’, we are creating an open space with a style oriented to customization, where beauty and functionality are perfectly balanced.

  • Base units and living area in S061 finish
  • Black iron open elements with satinated glass

The living area is completing the kitchen area: the wall system with iron elements and satin glass shelves allows to play with multiple combinations.

Composition 2

A refined style where the essence of wood is combined with materials such as iron and glass, for an extreme glamour and appeal.

  • Black iron elements with matt Pet CT200 shelf and satin glass
  • Matt Pet CT200 wall units

The iron elements with PET wall units are creating a dynamic composition full of elegance and charme.

Composition 3

A beautiful contrast of wood finishing, lights and colours take the stage thanks to the glass doors: Evolve allows you to create your own space, combining kitchen and living in the whole area.

  • Wood effect P24 base units
  • Smoked glass cabinet with black 103 profile
  • Black iron element with satin glass

Evolve kitchen

In the EVOLVE project the spaces of the living area interact with the kitchen and create harmonious areas.

The stylistic balance gives you the widest range of compositions in the kitchen, that matches with the atmosphere and shapes of the living area.

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