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Your personal design

In Love projects, kitchen and living area are perfectly integrated.

Free yourself to create your personal design!


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Tailored on you

Keep in mind: our kitchens and living are completely customizable in dimensions, finishing, colors and accessories…

Composition 1

The living area is integrated with the kitchen, in a play that make the combination extraordinary using shapes and colors.

Combinations of volumes and colors enphasize this Love model composition: tortora base units , white tall and wall units are perfectly integrated with the lacquered open elements, creating a unique environment, where the kitchen blends with the living room.

  • Base units tortora LOVE color, tall and wall units Bianco LOVE
  • Open elements RAL 5012 matt
  • Top Porfido Naturale 3324

Composition 2

Living Love has a style dedicated to those who live a dynamic life.

The projects are full of contaminations based on global trends: the perfect mix between contemporary style and functionality.

  • Base and wall units Bianco LOVE
  • Open elements Ral 5012 matt
  • Top and backsplash Gessato LOVE

Composition 3

Perfect mix of elegance and functionality: living Love is designed to give free space to creativity.

The base units gessato Love color and the white open elements give a touch of syle and brightness to the living room.

  • Base units Gessato LOVE
  • Wall units and open elements Bianco LOVE
  • Top gessato

Composition 4

Multiple combinations of colors create a composition of unique shapes and volumes.

Living Love is designed to give your personal style to your home, in a combination of shapes and colors that will make it special.

  • Base units Visone LOVE
  • Wall units Bianco LOVE
  • Open elements Gessato LOVE
  • Top visone LOVE

Composition 5

The essence of a creative living area with your personal style.

This composition of Living Love has a simple and refined style, with colors that easily match the rest of the environment.

  • Base units Visone LOVE
  • Wall units Bianco LOVE
  • Top visone LOVE

Love kitchen

Style, quality and elegance are the main elements in a Love kitchen. Love is the perfect model for who wants to change the daily routine with their fantasy enjoying the kitchen and combining durability and design in the daily life.

The personality and the quality of the kitchens are in a perfect harmony with the everyday life.

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