Living Mika

Design and colour

The beauty of clean and elegant lines: Living Mika is a creative and fully customizable space.


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Tailored on you

Keep in mind: our kitchens and living are completely customizable in dimensions, finishing, colors and accessories…

Composition 1

Essential design, clear view and material strenght, functional and versatile space.

  • Structure h210: anthracite with Door: Mika RAL 7039 matt and RAL 7044 matt
  • Handle: push-pull
  • Boiserie: Krea Lava
  • Top: lacquered RAL 7039 matt th.1,8 cm
  • Plinth: RAL 7044 matt th.1,8 cm

Composition 2

Dynamic and well-organized spaces, environments full of charm in which design and technology coexist combined with everyday functionality.

  • Base units with structure h17,5/h35: white
  • Base units Alice Doors: Ral 9003 matt, Ral 7006 matt
  • Top: Ral 9003 matt th.1,8 cm, S073 th.1,8 cm
  • Wall Units with structure h70/h105/h130: white
  • Wall units Door: Mika lacquered Ral 7006 matt, Evolve S073
  • Open elements h105: sheet metal black finish

Composition 3

Optimizing space with balanced and elegant solutions, managing to create independent environments.

  • Door MIKA lacquered RAL 7030 and RAL 7022

Mika kitchen

The beauty of clean and elegant lines: creative spaces and fully customizable compositions.

There is no interruption between the living spaces of the composition where each area expresses a value in a functional game with a strong personality as a whole.

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