Mika Smart kitchen

Creative and dynamic

Innovative project, very attentive to every customer’s every requirement. It is ideal for dynamic spaces, compositions and colors matched in a creative way.


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Tailored on you

Keep in mind: our kitchens and living are completely customizable in dimensions, finishing, colors and accessories…

Composition 1

A harmonious play of geometric and functional lines: in search of maximum compositional freedom.

  • Base units with structure h80: anthracite
  • Door: RAL 7035 matt
  • Open element h35: sheet metal black finish
  • Top: Fenix 2629 th.2 cm
  • Snack: Krea Lava th.4 cm
  • Handle: slim gola anthracite
  • Plinth h6: anthracite
  • Wall units with structure h60: anthracite
  • Door: Krea Lava
  • Open element h70: sheet metal black finish
  • Wall units h210 with door: RAL 7035 matt
  • Open element: Krea Lava

Composition 2

Perfect match of elegance and essentiality, open spaces redesigned for a young audience: a project that surprises, enhanced by simple lines.

  • Base and Tall units MIKA SMART RAL 7035 glossy
  • Handle: Under top
  • Wall units with glass doors

Composition 3

A style devoted to those who live a dynamic life and have made change a constant of their lifestyle.

Mika Smart is a collection that approaches the latest trends of global design: the perfect compromise between contemporary style and functionality.

  • Base an Wall units MIKA SMART RAL 1015 glossy
  • Handle: Mika Smart
  • Wall units with glass doors

Living Mika Smart

In Mika Smart project, as in all other Cucinesse collections, kitchen spaces converse with living area, creating multifunctional rooms, perfectly integrated and harmonious.

A balance of contrasts in which the size of style allows maximum freedom of composition of the living area, coordinated to the atmosphere and to the shapes of the kitchen.

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