Esse: the first Cucinesse Magazine

By 18 April 2019November 23rd, 2021News and Events

With great joy we announce the publication of the first Cucinesse Magazine, “esse: essere in cucina oggi e domani”.

We like to call it a “MAGA-LOG”, because it perfectly combines the features of a fresh “magazine” and a more didactic “catalog”.

We all have a style to discover on “esse” Magazine!

Within “esse” Magazine you will find an unusual subdivision of the Cucinesse collections, in 5 styles of Kitchens + Living:

  • NORDIC STYLE: where the compositions are enhanced by simple, essential and elegant lines such as Lab, Evolve and Krea.
  • GLAMOUR STYLE: with the most refined finishes and design details of Lab, Evolve and Angel.
  • URBAN STYLE: is inspired by lofts and industrial spaces such as Love, Harmony shabby, Glass and Angel.
  • COUNTRY STYLE: to furnish home recreating atmosphere of a time warm and comfortable like Angel, Harmony and Elena.
  • CLASSIC STYLE: the elegance of classic furniture, reinterpreted according to current styles such as Harmony classic and Angel classic.
  • LIVING COLLECTION: various solutions for the living multifunctional, colorful, with suspended volumes and customizable open elements that are easily composed and are pushed towards new styles.

The custom kitchen tailored for you!

Alternating styles we have inserted 5 technical focus:

  • HER HIGHNESS THE BASE UNIT: How to improve the capacity of your kitchen without decreasing functionality? New base units with double shelf h.80cm to widen the volume by 20% compared to the standard ones.
  • THE HANDLE OPENS YOUR CHEST: Choose yours among the available ones in our catalogues, with several options and different finishes for those “with Gola”.
  • FRIENDLY AND EASY TECHNOLOGIES: Safe and easy openings and soft closing systems available for drawers, doors and modular baskets. A range of innovative systems day by day wider to complete every kind of kitchen.
  • THE WARMTH OF COLOUR: the chromatic decoration of the furniture gives light, makes your house a unique environment, renewing daily spaces with Cucinesse’s advices.
  • FLEXIBLE AND FUNCTIONAL AT THE TOP: technical specifications and use of the main worktops such as Laminate, Fenix, Laminated HPL, Quartz, Laminam, Gres and Dekton… It’s up to you!

Discover collections and customize in endless colors and combinations

Browsing the last pages, you will find all Cucinesse collections with details of the model and finishes available.

Let’s not add anything else, discover all the details of the new Magazine “esse”.
What are you waiting for?

Download the magazine “esse” in PDF »