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Family stories

By 10 December 2019November 23rd, 2021News and Events

Each family has a story to tell…

The day of the dance recital is amazing for every little girl.
And what if… while she is already enjoying the taste of the stage, the super mom is urgently called in Cucinesse?
Our little dancer just can look around into the magical world of our Company, which will appear not so different from hers…

Being family

This is the story of an idea, this is the inspiration of two worlds that are far and close at the same time.

The story of a family, the point of view of a little girl, the work in team.
These are our principal goals, our idea in keywords… they describe and inspire all the projects here in Cucinesse.
Collaboration, empathy, teamwork and human relationships always characterize us are our values and are the values that we always keep them with us.

We are a family and we create kitchens for wellness and beauty,
“Being a family” no matter what a kind of.

Send us your completed project!

Send us the photos of your kitchen and living Cucinesse,
we are glad to insert them in our portfolio of realizations.