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Glass: the star of the kitchen

By 10 January 2019February 18th, 2022Project Tips

Glass is becoming a great protagonist in the panorama of possible choices between the materials for kitchen coverings. Thanks to its many advantages, this material lends itself to numerous uses and stylistic effects, especially ideal for shutters.

Glass kitchen: glass is the protagonist

When thinking about which materials to choose for kitchen coverings, the variables to consider are different: we must take into account not only the functional aspect, but also the economic, aesthetic and qualitative one.

If you want an impact kitchen, with strong personality and elegance, but also resistant and easy to clean, the glass kitchen by Cucinesse is certainly the most suitable furnishing choice.

The advantages of glass kitchen

  • The glass door is suitable for the kitchen, because it doesn’t absorb dirt, doesn’t suffer from humidity or heat and does not scratch.
  • The glass is sturdy, hygienic, water-repellent and very easy to clean.
  • The aesthetic effect obtained with the glass doors is homogeneous and gives depth to the elements, enhancing the lightness of the shutter and the transparency of the glass.
  • The glass doors adapt to any style in the kitchen, also thanks to the possibility of choosing the color that best suits your needs.

Eco-friendly and durable

Glass has the advantage of being one of the most environmentally sustainable products on the market, because it is largely made from recycled and in turn recyclable material.

It is also easy to maintain, because it is simply to clean, stain-resistant and durable. Few materials are resistant to wear, to high temperatures of burners and ovens and to infiltration of water or humidity like glass, which keeps all its characteristics unchanged over time.

A kitchen with an essential design, the glass doors are available in glossy, opaque and translucent finishes. The compositions are light, elegant and bright: the glass enhances the smooth and continuous surfaces, enhances the reflections and plays of light that are created.

Furthermore, Cucinesse allows you to combine the glass doors with stratified laminate doors that give warmth to the compositions and create a unique environment.

The solutions in stratified

The new layered laminate finishing give warmth to the entire environment: the kitchen and the living are dressed of elegance, lightness and brightness.

Cold materials such as iron are heated by the layered wood effect. The result is an elegant composition, an industrial style with a timeless charm.

If you also love this combination: the play of light created by the reflections of the glass, available in multiple shades and the warmth of the laminated wood effect, you cannot give up Glass.

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