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The industrial style: ideas for your kitchen

By 23 July 2018February 18th, 2022Project Tips

The industrial style is the new mix of cold colors, metal and wood in the kitchen and in the living. It was inspired by large lofts and functional and essential spaces. The blog Fillyourhomewithlove talks about the 5 industrial-style Cucinesse models: Harmony Metropolitan, Love, Lab, Evolve and Angel. Let’s see them in their details that make the difference!

1. Harmony Metropolitan: the typical industrial style

The characteristic of loft or apartments furnished in this style is to have the kitchen integrated into the living, without divisions of space.

In this composition, the Harmony kitchen develops into wall elements such as black fumè glass columns with containers. Furthermore, the long island that ends with a table creates a perfect industrial style.

The blue shelves are essential because they give the kitchen an even more industrial aspect. In addition, the bases and the columns are in shades of dark gray, alternating with the Krea Terra boiserie.

The integration between the kitchen and the living area is given by the bookcase made of wood. In fact, setting it up with home decor objects, it’s easy to obtain an industrial effect.

2. The Urban of Love

A refined style in which the pinstripe finishing is combined with different details in the anthracite shade. All this creates a contemporary and an extreme modernity appeal, in which trendy colors and avantgarde materials are the protagonists.

The anthracite built in handle is ideal for not giving up to practicality, with the matching anthracite plinth.

3. Lab is industrial chic

Many Cucinesse models can be adapted to what is the industrial style by following simple expedients. For example the choice of the materials makes the difference: this cement effect composition of Lab is typical of the industrial style.

The kitchen is the most lived-in space within home. For those who love the wood effect, the following photo is another possible interpretation of LAB KITCHEN by Cucinesse ».

4. Evolve: the new industrial style Cucinesse model

The kitchen environment is constantly evolving: thanks to materials, volumes and shapes that create an open space of design, in which the kitchen and the living merge themselves into a complete project.

Evolve interprets this new mood: in fact the compositions are modern and dynamic, in which the opening of the spaces represents the possibility of customizing the entire home environment. The wood finishing in different shades and the opaque and shiny Pet finishing allow infinite compositional solutions, creating a remarkable scenic impact.

The open elements made of black iron and frosted glass make the living area and kitchen industrial.

Iron is the material par excellence and steady in environments: this, alternating with wood and opaque colors, embellishes the kitchen and the living.

Here is another way to compose the Evolve kitchen by Cucinesse. It allows ample space for the bookcase and elements made of metal. To make the environment elegant and chic, fumè glass was added to part of the container furniture that can include ceramics, crockery and much more.

For those who love light wood here is another example of composition from the Evolve collection. Here there is metal details and a island table with colorful industrial-style chairs. Chandeliers and home decor objects such as cutting boards, vases and glasses also complete the kitchen and living room.

5. Angel: elegance and refinement

A kitchen that becomes environment, where the pleasure of cooking is associated with the pleasure of being together. Angel interprets our daily lifestyle, creating dynamics spaces that converse with each other and they are even more multifunctional and connected.

Color and materials of the kitchen blend with those of the living furniture. Thanks to the wall units in the living area in shiny glass that alternate with the blue bookcase recalling the kitchen shelves.

Cucinesse suggestions

In conclusion, choose the kitchen that best suits your tastes, your habits without renounce to quality and efficiency of the furnitures. The blog Fillyourhomewithlove talks about the industrial style of the kitchens by Cucinesse.

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