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Colors in the kitchen: how to choose them?

By 20 October 2020November 16th, 2021Project Tips

When you need to choose colors for a new kitchen, it is important to move carefully. It’s necessary to think about the environment as a whole.

Where to start? Probably from the architectural style of the house. If it is a modern style, even solutions can be inspired by this element. Or if it is a classic or vintage style, you can choose more traditional materials and colors.

Following the main trends in the world of furniture design we propose 3 color categories.

The white kitchen

The choice of a white kitchen will never go out of fashion! White means purity, integrity and perfection and is a winning choice in both classic style and modern and contemporary style.

Black & white kitchen is refined and always up-to-date: as the new kitchen Alice 20.20 white with black and Krea lava details.

Not all white: the timeless combination of white and wood always has its charm!
Like this Alice glossy lacquered Ral 9003 with snack top in wood finish.

The touch of color can be also given by the colored furnishing accessories as in this Lab composition with a metropolitan and natural mood at the same time.

Space to colors in the kitchen!

If the choice is oriented to a colorful kitchen, any combination of colors will create a stimulating and trendy solution.
Below there is the new Alice 20.20 collection with green lacquered door NCS S 5020-B90G.

Red kitchens are irresistible, attractive and always trendy. But red is not for everyone and must be managed according to the environment.

This Love composition is an example of modern cuisine that uses red with great balance in a contemporary aesthetic.

A blue kitchen can create an urban chic environment: like this metropolitan version of Harmony, where blue adds freshness and gives a vintage touch to the gray and garage tones of the entire environment.

A yellow kitchen can give energy and good mood!

Even just a few yellow elements are enough: like this Harmony Easy solution, where you can combine wall units and floor of any material, both with dark gray surfaces and white surfaces.

Finally, a grey kitchen could be the perfect choice of a neutral color other than white. The Lab collection is the proposal of Cucinesse that in the various shades and combinations allows you to create a kitchen space design without limits to the imagination.

The natural shades of the kitchen

The characteristic shades of the earth, the natural tones of wood combined with simple colors and clean lines. This combination gives a sense of warmth and welcome that lasts over time.

Krea collection has a contemporary appeal, natural materials such as wood essences combined with light shades, give freshness and simplicity to this elegant composition.

The natural shades communicate simplicity also in this version of Krea in the finishes lava and pietra, which recall the outside world and transmit serenity.

The new Perla and Bronzo finishes of the kitchen and living Dea recall the natural world, to recreate at home an environment of wellness, to see and experience.

Cucinesse tips

In conclusion, it’s up to you to decide which colors are most suitable for your kitchen: will depend on the architectural style of your home, without forgetting that the sensations will guide the choice.

This is a very important decision because most days will start right from the kitchen!

So take all the time to decide, and contact Cucinesse retailers who will be at your disposal to help you resolve any doubts.

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