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Island in the kitchen: freedom of movement

By 1 November 2021November 16th, 2021Project Tips

The kitchen with island allows visual freedom and movement.
First you need to evaluate measurements and configuration of the room. Once you know that there is space, you can manage it in a harmonious way, enhancing the beating heart of your home.

The benefits of island in the kitchen

You will have more space at your disposal: the island becomes the heart of the kitchen and creates a suggestive scenography.

The perfect solution to solve space problems for allocating pots, containers, glasses, cups and other accessories. You can have many drawers at your disposal and another worktop that can be used for additional appliances

How much space do you need for island kitchen?

A kitchen with central island is ideal for those who have a large room, to allow the movement of everyday life. It requires a surrounding free space of at least 120 cm: so each element must be placed at this distance (the wall, the worktop or an appliance).

It shall be permitted to open simultaneously doors and appliances, having enough space for passage.

How to configure the kitchen with island

It is important to understand the use of the central island: whether it will be used for cooking, for washing or simply as a worktop.

According to its future use, the floor connections for gas or water discharges and the associated electrical installations will be prepared.

For example, if you plan to use the island for partial functions or as a snack top, you can also use a smaller model without the need for additional surrounding space for the opening of the doors.

If the room is not large enough, you can consider inserting a peninsula that has the same characteristics but will certainly require less space.

Cucinesse tips

In conclusion, choose island in kitchen that best suits your tastes, your habits without sacrificing quality and efficiency of the furnishings.

Cucinesse interprets your lifestyle, offering solutions that perfectly combine functionality and aesthetics.

Contact our Cucinesse retailers who are at your disposal to help you solve any doubts.


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