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Kitchen Tips

By 24 April 2020November 23rd, 2021Post sale

Today we are revealing you some “secrets” to take care about our kitchen.

The kitchen is the heart of your home, so its maintenance and care are essential to ensure maximum functionality over time. Here are our kitchen tips tailored to you!

1) Her majesty “the hinge”

In the first chapter of this nice kitchen tips section, Giulio explains the functioning of the hinge.

2) “The magic drawer”

In the second chapter Giulio shows us the functionality and practicality of our BLUM drawer.

3) “Vasistas”

In the third chapter of the kitchen tips section, Giulio reveals the secret of the “vasistas mechanisms” and their settings.

4) Extractable Table

In the fourth chapter Roberto explains the simplicity and practicality using the “extractable table” Party: .

5) A touch of… “wing light”

In the fifth chapter, Giulio introduces the new external lighting under wall unit “wing touch”.

We hope our advice has been helpful!

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