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New Dea22

By 28 October 2022News and Events

Dea22 by Cucinesse is the perfect model for all the people that are looking for its own intimacy in the kitchen; a sweet and sensitive look in a space that more then everything else means home.

A look to the everyday life

Dea22Dea22 is a thought for all the people who will find peace in their kitchen and will live a new home sensation, thanks to Cucinesse.

The heart of the kitchen

The door thickness of Dea kitchen is 22 mm: aesthetic appeal and structural importance give rise to compositions designed for everyday use modeled with unique designs.

To give continuity to the environment, the kitchen and the living are made with matched finishing. The Hpl Nero Street worktop can be matched with laminate open elements in the same finishing.

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Perché Cucinesse?

Infinite combinazioni
di colori e finiture

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Alta qualità ed
esperienza italiana

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Tanti stili di arredo per
la cucina e il living

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