Open elements

Kitchens and Living are composed as in a puzzle, answering to all exigences of everyday life.

Open elements are available in several sizes and finishings, customizable according to the design and to the test: they bring the revolution in the design because they brake all the rules of the standard cabinets.

You can put either in the kitchen or in the living area, combining with the same finishings or creating contrasts. You can dress the open elements with books , plants or whatever you feel like to have at your disposal !

Infinite combinations

Brand new metal sheet open elements, available in several sizes , ral 9005 mat black  with 2/3 shelves.

Infinite combinations: the metal sheet elements are perfectly matching the new accessories and the kitchens become a place to dress with fantasy and creativity !

New vertical elements on top, with structure in metal sheet ral mat black. They are predisposed to have back panels with shelves and all the accessories that are useful in a kitchen.

Open elements are composing full end tall units available in several finishings in the depht 34 cm.

In the kitchen and living
every wall is always more beautiful

The iron wall units are giving to the composition a wide breath, they are available with glass shelves in satined and fumè finishes.

The living area is to be enjoyed without renouncing to the elegance and to the style.

Elemento in metallo con ripiano in vetro
Parete living con elementi in metallo
soluzione living con elementi in metallo e vetrine