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Organize and contain in the kitchen

By 13 February 2018February 17th, 2022Project Tips

Organization in the kitchen is essential! All the equipment will have to find its own place: plates and pots of different sizes, tools and glasses, packaged food, tins and drinks of all kinds. Here our guide to help you organizing and containing!

The space in the kitchen to contain is never enough!

The possibilities to be included in the composition are various: for example the big wall units assembled together, permit to contain more and “hide” everything from view.

At the same time, the comfortable “flap door”, “lift up” or “folding” openings don’t hinder movements, to have the ingredients at hand during food preparation.

In the sink base it is possible to insert fully-fitted drawers to place soap, sponges, detergents and also baskets in order to organize the waste sorting.

The maxi bases h80

Among the most practical furniture-containers there are the drawers and extractable baskets installed in the bases.

Having greater depth than wall units, they are usually used for the arrangement of the most bulky kitchen utensils: pots, serving plates, trays, etc..

Furthermore, the new modularity of the maxi h80 bases increases the capacity of the base by about 20% and extends the functionality thanks to the double internal shelf.

Even the corners should be used the their best. Indeed Cucinesse’s proposal is the “unique” extractable mechanism inserted in the corner base, for a perfect accessibility in the most difficult spaces.

To contain in the extractable columns

If you opt for column cabinets, it will be possible to organize a large and practical pantry. The columns that allow you to use at the best the corner space are: the simple extractable columns with baskets, the columns with 180° shutter opening and the very comfortable corner columns with shelves and extractable baskets with an unique mechanism.

The open elements

Finally there are various possibilities to insert open elements and shelves that allow you to exhibit different types of objects, creating a pleasant continuity with the living.

Cucinesse suggestions

When it has to do with organizing spaces in the best possible way, our advice is to rely on Cucinesse retailers that are at your complete disposal.

Designing the residential space means telling something about yourself. Every choice represents aspects of our personality. Because even if it is small, it will always be your “home sweet home”!

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