Being Human

Since 1979 Cucinesse is a family company in continuous evolution. Cucinesse grown always tuned with design trends affirming the brand worldwide over the years never forgetting its cultural and territorial roots.

Cucinesse is always growing and looking to the future minding its values.

Honesty, reliability and sustainability, respecting people and the environment.
These values define our identity, our Italian tradition and our human side.
Cucinesse is structured and it is made of people. Beside the technology in Cucinesse what matters is the team that is working in the company. People in Cucinesse made the kitchens and living so unique and special.

Being environmentally friendly

We look to the future, with a special care to preserve the quality of our world and safeguard our future.

Cucinesse is a dynamic company that wants also leave a footprint on hearth, trying the best to find solutions that are environmentally friendly.
This is relating to the choice of materials, such as the new model Evolve in Pet, that is 100% recyclable, and keeping an eye on the health choosing the lowest formaldeide emission panels.
Sustainability, energy efficiency and waste reduction are projects in continuous evolution based on the responsibility of a company that believes in the human values.

Being Italian

Cucinesse got the “COSMOB Qualitas Praemium – Origine italiana del mobile” certification.

This statement officially certifies the italian origin of the products in accordance with the requirements of the standard UNI 11674:2017.

Also the quality of finished products is verified in compliance with safety resistance and durability requirements of the standards UNI EN 1479:2016 and 11663:2017.

Why Cucinesse?

Infinite colours and
finishes combinations

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High quality and
Italian experience

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Many furniture styles
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