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Pantry kitchen: how to best organize it

By 31 October 2018February 18th, 2022Project Tips
Let’s see together how to design the internal space of the kitchen to destine to the pantry.
In particular, in this article, Cucinese helps you to:
1. Choose a pantry in height with an extractable column;
2. Equip a column with baskets and a worktop;
3. How to organize internally the chests of drawers.
Let’s see them in details!

Fully extractable height kitchen pantry

The Cucinesse system of mechanics and guides allows the shelves to be completely extractable and to be used on their entire surface. This structure is designed to ensure maximum ease of opening and use, allowing you to keep order inside the furniture and shelves.

In this second case the column is designed alternating fixed shelves with other completely extractable.

Observe how is it possible pull out from the column plates or the most hidden ceramics. This allows you use all spaces at your arrangement in order to place the tools that you daily use.

Equipped column with drawers and worktop

Thanks to the union of two columns, you can obtain an exclusive and original space.
It is possible to cook inside this equipped column, on the extractable worktop, place and use small external daily electrical appliance and leave them permanently installed here without having to remove them every time.

Inside there are infinite accessories that you can insert during the planning phase: for example a glass holder and a plates holder. Our retailers will be able to help you to compose your kitchen depending on what are your exigences.

Drawers and possible internal disposition

On the basis of your kitchen disposition, drawers can be found inside the wall furniture or in the central island.

In the first case, the holder cutleries drawer disappears inside the bigger chest of drawers. In this way, the design and the kitchen lines remain clean and they are not interrupted from drawers of different sizes.

In the following photo you can see a possible preparation of drawers on the central island.

In the first drawer on the right, under the hob, there are all the cutleries. Instead on the left, there are small jars and coppers, colander and similar.
In the lower baskets, much deeper, tall jars and plates are placed, held in place by created wooden structures. Inside the drawer under the hob you can also place a trash can or a bottle rack.

This kitchen space should be designed according to your daily routine. Our retailers will be able to suggest you on the infinite possibilities of organizational solutions for the inside of drawers and baskets.

Cucinesse suggestions

In conclusion, choose your internal disposition that best suits your tastes, your habits without renounce to quality and efficiency of furnitures.
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