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Provencal kitchens

By 9 July 2018February 18th, 2022Project Tips

Design your kitchen means telling something about yourself: every choice of style represents every aspects of our personality and our life-style. Cucinesse helps you to identify the style of furniture that best suits your tastes: such as provencal kitchens, to create a family place for meeting and sharing.

Provencal style

There are some people who choose this style to furnish their second home in the country. In fact, provencal kitchens are perfect for an environment rich in greenery and flowers, they offer romanticism, refinement and that air of vacation and relax that nobody despises. Cucinesse recommends two models of provencal kitchens: Elena and Harmony.

Elena: a provencal kitchen in shades of white, decapè, light walnut and dark walnut.

Elena is a traditional setting kitchen program, particularly well-structured for the various constituent possibilities and for the various chromatic tonality of the finishing. It was created to answer the most different furnishing needs. The project is characterized by an elegant ash shutter that, with the simplicity of its lines, allow pleasant and welcoming places.

In the photo we can see a white Elena made of solid ash wood, open pore white stained. Furthermore, the shutters with satin glass frame, the visible hood and the shelves useful for place recipe books or objects needed in the kitchen, are the elements that make it perfectly in line with what is the provencal style. The alternation of closed wall units and glass showcases makes the kitchen dynamics and bright.

Tradition in the kitchen

This version of Elena is even more elegant, a cozy rustic style that allows you to taste the pleasure of traditional cuisine. The shutters, including those in glass, are made of solid decapè ash wood that recalls the cream color. Details such as the handles in silver knob, the accessories to hang on the wall, the chandeliers and much more, make everything even more stylish. Last but not least, the textiles that offer color and refinement to the kitchen.

More in line with what we can define a classic and traditional style, here is the kitchen of the Elena collection made of open pore light walnut-stained solid ash wood, whit antiqued veneered ashlar.

Harmony: the right mix of tradition and elegance

The Harmony style is ideal for those who love the refinement of finishing that tend to recreate a contemporary and timeless elegance.

Thanks to its wall units and columns made in provençal style, it gives an exclusive touch to your home. In the version you can see in the photo, nothing is missing.

In addition to the wall kitchen, there is also a large central island, equipped with a sink and a large worktop. On one side, the equipped columns and the compartments for the oven and microwave have been designed. Every kitchen can be remodeled according to the space that you have available, on the basis of your exigences and convenience.

The kitchen is the most lived-in environment within home. It is necessary to design it carefully and respecting your personal tastes.

Columns and drawers can be fully-fitted with extractable and swiveling container trolleys, plates and crockery both in wood and in steel.

Cucinesse suggestions

In conclusion, choose the kitchen that best suits your tastes, your habits without renounce to quality and efficiency of furnitures. The blog Fillyourhomewithlove talks about provençal kitchens by Cucinesse.

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