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What’s your style?

By 3 July 2021February 15th, 2022Project Tips

Design your kitchen means telling something about yourself: every choice of style represents every aspects of our personality and our life-style.
Cucinesse helps you to identify the kitchen’s style that best suits your tastes.
To create a familiar atmosphere to live every single day, a place for meeting and sharing.

Minimal kitchen style

The leading features of the minimal style are: the linear geometries of the clean look of the gola, the use of innovative materials and surfaces such as glass, steel and cement. In addition, another main characteristic is the almost total absence of ornaments and the white predominance.

One of the principles’ modern design identifies itself in the relationship with light. This happens introducing wide reflective glass surfaces and underlined by a specific light design.

Urban style

Modernity and vintage  blend themselves in the urban style made to furnish loft and open-space. The materials that had been used are few and simple, but rich in details. Cement, slate, metal and wood create industrial and metropolitan atmospheres. The dominant colour is gray, which is combined with black, white and sometimes with blue and brick red. The combination between iron, steel and wood gives you the idea that every single element is in its natural rough state.

Colors style

The inspiration comes  from an imaginary that is acquiring fame in the scenario of the most advances tastes. Cucinesse suggests you a variety of coloured solutions in which the chromatic vivacity turns  manifestation of  creativity freedom. The more bright and lively shades illuminate the environment thanks to the reflections and trick of the lacquered light. The opaque finishing are combined with ease, creating compositions characterized of captivating and distinctive aesthetic.

Nordic style

The Nordic style is simple, sober but of great effect. This style, that in the last few years received a growing success, is characterized by its essential lines and a simple and functional design. Colors are always neutral and the elegance of white combined with natural wood is favoured.

Shabby style

The shabby chic style recall to a relaxing and refined atmosphere. This style is romantic and recovers the small rough diamonds from the past. Colors are opaque, soft and delicate; the kitchen becomes the place in the house where harmony is found, the place where the past is sublimated and the stories of memory born.

Country style

A kitchen in a rustic style is welcoming and allows you to test the tradition’s pleasure. It was created to answer to the most several furnishing needs: it extends from light wood fronts to local rustic woods and prefers frames and details. For this reason this is the best solution for those who love to cook and eat together with their guests.

Elegant Style

The elegant style is ideal for those who love the sobriety and refinement of the finishing that tend to create a contemporary and timeless elegance. It is characterized by a continuous research of materials and combinations of colors that embrace all neutral shades from gray to beige. This creates natural atmospheres for an elegant environment that connect kitchen and living In new and and customized architectures.

Cucinesse suggestions

In conclusion, choose the style that best suits your tastes, your habits without renounce to quality and efficiency of furnitures.

Cucinesse interprets your lifestyle offering solutions that combine functionality and aesthetics.

Rely on Cucinesse retailers who are at your disposal to help you solve any doubts.

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