Flexible and functional to the worktop

Laminate, the heart of our houses

Laminate worktops are the most common choice for kitchen worktops. They are a very competitive available solution and they are also very appreciated aesthetically. Made of high-quality technological features with an excellent resistance to scratches; they are fireproof and waterproof too. Realized in wooden particles class E1 and covered in plastic HPL, they are available in a very wide range of colours: classic shades and innovative finishes with material effects such as stone and wood, suitable for every kind of kitchen.

Postforming edge: th. 4 cm
ABS edge: th. 2 / 4 / 6 cm

Laminate: over 60 finishes available

Estrelle Wraky

Firecoat Cliff

Erre Bianco

Ardesia Black Climb

Beton Grigio Wraky

Qz Grigio Antracite


Botticino Plamky

Statuario Plamky



Kaindl 34141 at

Fenix, the innovative choice

Fenix NTM is the new frontier of laminate. It is 100% made in Italy and has pleasant soft-touch finishes. It has been realized with the newest nanotechnologies and new generation resins. Thanks to them, you can benefit of a high degree of hygiene, waterproof and fireproof characteristics and resistance to moulds. It is also antistatic and easily repairable with heat. Here are the steps to follow:
1 – pour the broken surface with an absorbent rag.
2 – iron it.
3 – you have finished !
Resistant, extremely mat and suitable for all the solutions of furniture.

ABS edge: th. 2 / 4 cm

Fenix: finiture disponibili

Bianco Male

Bianco Kos

Castoro Ottawa

Grigio Londra

Beige Luxor

Nero Ingo

Grigio Bromo

Grigio Efeso

Zinco Doha

Bronzo Doha

Piombo Doha

Hpl Laminate, for a new design

Stratified HPL worktops are much more resistant than laminate worktops. They are made out of high-pressure cellulosic fibre layers imbued with phenolic and thermos-hardener resins. They make them so performant, waterproof and resistant to oil, steam, heat and usury. Thanks to their total impermeability, it is still possible to introduce worktop edged hobs and sinks and realize integrated sink basin of the same finish as the top. Lots of finishes and possible colours give us the possibility to create new design solutions, without exceeding in the price.

Thickness: 1,2 / 2 / 4 cm
It is possible to insert integrated basins in the same finish of the top.

Hpl Laminate: available finishes



Grigio Cemento


Carbone Tavolato



Zebra nero

Nero street




Quartz, high performance

Quartz worktops are the result of a particular mix of 95% natural quarts, resins and 5% oxidized pigments. If you pay attention using them, they guarantee you high-professional performances. They are also resisatant to scratches, chemical agents, heat and they don’t absorb any liquid. You can easly clean them and they also ensure a good level of hygiene. They let you the possibility to create a high-quality design by customizing your own integrated basins and backsplashes.

Straight edge: th. 2 / 3 / 4 / 6 cm
It is possible to insert integrated basins in the same finish of the top.

Quartz: available finishes

Bianco Lucente

Sabbia Beige

Bianco Zeus




Nero Lucente

Wave Vulcano


Coral Cley



Ultrathin Gres

The ultrathin Gres gives life to a work surface with high technical guarantees and a wide range of finishes. It is a product with high resistance to mechanical stress, chemical attacks, scratches, deep abrasion and bending. The advanced technology with which the slabs are produced also allows such surfaces to be easily sanitized, to withstand UV rays without altering colors, characteristics and properties. Ultra-thin Gres is also a product that is very sensitive to the environment and to what surrounds it: the plates come from natural products and do not release any substance to the environment, they can be easily ground and recycled in other production processes.

Thickness: 2 / 3 / 4 / 6 cm
It is possible to insert integrated basins in the same finish of the top.

Gres: available finishes

Via Farini

Via Montenapoleone

Via Tornabuoni

Calce Nero

Calce grigio

Calce Bianco

Fokos Piombo

Fokos Terra

Materica Bianco

Materica Tortora

Nero Marquinia

Bianco Statuario opaco/lucido

Laminam, top of the worktops

Realized by Laminam spa, they represent a valid (but more expensive) alternative to quartz. Made out of revolutionary ceramic layers, they guarantee excellent technical performances, suitable for particular uses of extreme hygiene and resistance. Technology and innovation led to the realization of these worktops, which are resistant to chemical products, usury, flexion and heat; they are also stain-resistant and recyclable. A perfect mix of technical performances and high-level aesthetical values.

Thickness: 1,2 / 2 cm
It is possible to insert integrated basins in the same finish of the top.

Laminam: available finishes

Calce Antracite

Calce Tortora

Calce Grigio

Calce Nero

Pietra Savoia Grigia

Pietra Savoia Antracite

Ossido Bruno

Ossido Nero

Noir Desir opaco/lucido

Calacatta oro opaco/lucido

Bianco Statuario opaco/lucido

Dekton, technology and resistance

Dekton, a highly technological material, offers remarkable characteristics such as extreme resistance to scratches and abrasions, stains and heat. Thanks to the absence of porosity, the ultra-compact Dekton tops are very resistant and hygienic and therefore suitable in the kitchen being totally waterproof to liquids.

Thickness: 2 cm
It is possible to insert integrated basins in the same finish of the top.

Dekton: available finishes